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When is your bed time?

alarm-clockHow many hours of sleep do we need? According to Mayo Clinic, recommending 7 to 9 hours for adults. Since sleep is so critical to health, 7 to 9 is actually a sizable range, but the key is that it can vary by person. We are all pretty good with the wake-up time since it is pre-determined by our daily-life’s demand, but how about bed time?

Dr. Michael Breus of the Insomnia Blog provides a method of experimenting with your bed time back by 15 mins in order to find your nature wake up time, and the key here is – without the alarm.

Via The Insomnia blog | Is Your Bedtime Making You Fat?

Sleep, Stress, Food, Exercise – Importance vs. Complication

In few discussions at work this week, I was pretty upset with people sharing thoughts on how expensive and difficult to prep healthy food. There are simple ways to get quality food on a budget, however, overall health can be achieved faster through easy and cheap (free!) ways = good sleep and reduce stress! Worry about food and exercise last!

Sleep - Stress - Food - Exercise

Sleep - Stress - Food - Exercise (via Catalyst Valley)

Via Catalyst Valley