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Remeber the Milk + Siri

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iPhone Camera+ App Hits 3 Million Downlaods [infographic]

Camera+ is one of my iPhone goto photography apps. It has just surpassed 3 million downloads (they hit 2 million downloads in early April 2011). The creator of Camera+, tap tap tap, produced the following very telling infographic of download timeline and data points, but in addition, it is interesting to note that:

  • Camera+’s iTune “Top Paid” index is pretty steady but even with the 1 million downloads between April to June, their “Top Grossing” index is lowering relative to all other iTune apps.
  • The dip (or zero during mid-Jan to mid-Feb) in revenue was when Apple blocked the app from the store due to their new feature of allowing user to press the volume button to take photos, which in iOS 5, this is what Apple just implemented! That was a huge lost of revenue for tap tap tap, and this is an Apple FAIL!
  • Take a look at the stats on “window phone 7″ tagged photo sharing! ;-)

WHFL Photography


WHFL Photography is a central web jump point to all my photographic work and social associations. Most of the “meaningful” work is hosted by Flickr and the big project I did last year where I took a photo a day for 365 days (look for #365 tag) is all there.

I have some fancy digital SLR camera equipment (which I will share it here shortly), but the best camera is the one you have with you, hence iPhone was my best friend through out my 365-photo-a-day project. And iPhone 4 is officially the most popular camera on Flickr.

Check out my photography work at:

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